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I haoI have lived two lives almost as if I were dead for all the first half and started to live at the middle stages. My prison career started at the age of nineteen when I was sentenced to prison in the state of Arizona. I did not know anyone, nor did I learn any life lessons from going to prison. I completed parole and headed home high before I even got on the bus. I was addicted to meth, heroin, money, and chaos. I did not care that it had cost me everything. I was nineteen with a whole life to get it right. My whole life is close to what it took for me to figure it out. I continued choosing the same life that landed me in prison, alone, on the streets with nothing. I wish I could say that my life of crime and drugs was one that I hated but I would be lying if I did. I loved every minute of running around and doing everything I was told not to do. I had a sheltered lifestyle until about the age of twelve and then I felt that life was just a moment in time I needed to allow to pass by. In the mean while I had every intention of going to college being a lawyer and having a big house with my kids. Instead, I got pregnant my junior year in high school. Like many I conditionally recovered but the moment the baby was born I found myself back at it. Then back to prison three of four more times. Each time got easier and more comfortable. It was like a second home to me. A home that I did not need to pay rent or do laundry or pay bills and it still provided me with one element of my addiction. Chaos! Drama and nothing else. After leaving my four daughters behind, because let us face it, I loved my man and drugs more plus the cycle of incarceration I continued to mirror the life of my father.

Until I did not.

I had a change of strength. With the very services that we provide someone showed me and I have since changed my life and get to actually live. Please help us help others with basic needs so they to can have a brighter future.

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