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The aim of the program is to provide opportunity to exceptional final-year high school students, especially in rural areas of Ghana, to attend and complete college and be productive members in their communities. Often due to the lack of funds to further their education, brilliant but poor students from the rural part of Ghana tend to end their educational journey after graduating high school. In addition, undergraduates are faced with the drawback of having little to no work experience upon com


This scholarship program seeks to bridge the ever-increasing inequality gap between students who can afford to attend tertiary institutions, and those brilliant students who cannot. In addition, the beneficiaries from this program will be provided internship opportunities and will require to take prerequisite professional development courses throughout their four years in college to develop additional workforce related skills to make them competitive in the job market.

Long-Term Impact

The goal of helping these extremely needy but brilliant students is to set them up for success and open the student up to countless rewarding opportunities that might have otherwise been inaccessible. In the third year of undergraduate studies beneficiaries from the program will be assisted to find full time jobs in order to enable a smooth transition into the workforce. Additionally, all beneficiaries will be paired with a mentor for the first year of employment in order to support and guide the new graduates. The long term goal for this program is to have graduates of this program become mentors for future beneficiaries of this program. Another long term goal is to expand internship placement opportunities to sectors that are in demand and not offered. 

It is a long term goal of EduCom.World to support entrepreneurship that will help rural communities where beneficiaries will start business in their community. In line with this, EduCom.World will implement an annual “Think Big” business proposal competition, where participants will be encouraged to come up with solutions for specific challenges across various industries. The winner of this competition will be given funding to launch their idea in their community.  

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