Kris Campbell for Utah House District 4

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I am a bridge builder, countering polarization and bringing people together to strengthen our communities. I have been frustrated and disappointed when I've seen our state legislature take away the power of our local communities to make local decisions. Instead backroom deals are often made that hoard power at the state and deliver favors to developers and other interests.

I gathered signatures to help the successful tax reform referendum effort in 2019. In 2021, I worked to keep communities whole during the redistricting process. I saw the benefit of an open, public process coordinated by the Independent Redistricting Commission. Then the legislature ignored the input of thousands of people across the state, resorting to districts drawn in the back room, out of public oversight. We can expect better from our legislators.

As a legislator, I will work toward fewer bills that are higher quality, addressing the needs of everyone openly and collaboratively. We need government, politicians from all parties, developers all listening to and working together with people, not against or without us, to make our communities stronger and healthier.

I have worked as a software developer and then earned a doctorate in computing at the U of Utah (go Utes) where I developed methods to analyze brain shape changes as seen on MRI. I am now program director at Mountain Mediation Center, overseeing our conflict prevention programs that include communication skills training, mediations and community conversations. I love exploring the back roads, mountains, and parks of Utah with my two daughters.

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