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Greetings! As a Legislator from the current Legislative District 6, Seat A, I am thrilled to join the new District 6, that includes Latah, Lewis, and a portion of Nez Perce County! I have lived in Nez Perce County for almost 50 years. I am a graduate of Lewiston Hight School and the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Education, and master’s work in Adult Education.  My husband, Bill, Jr., and I, have 4 children and 11 grandchildren. I have worked along-side my husband for 44 years to run our law practice, our corporation that consists of a cattle ranch, managing timber, and producing some of our own hay, commercial real estate development and a partnership that includes commercial and residential rentals. In addition to my work in the legal field, and running our family businesses, I spent over 15 years teaching Paralegal and Legal Assistant students at Lewis Clark State College, in Lewiston. 

I believe in hard work and will not shy away from getting the job done. I am a hands-on cattlewoman, driving a semi to haul hay, or move cattle from town to the mountain pastures. I am the family’s chief brander and work along with my family to get the ranching duties done. In addition to my busy life, I am completing my 1st term as a Representative in the Idaho House. I was appointed by Governor Little in May 2021, and serve on the Education, Commerce and Human Resources, and Agricultural Affairs Committees. 

In addition, I serve as the President of the Foundation Board for LCSC, am a member of the Board of Directors of Idaho Business for Education and am a member of the Board for the Idaho Community Foundation. I am a past President of the Idaho Association of Legal Professionals, and a past National Director for the National Association of Legal Professionals. 

My background in the legal field, in education, in agriculture, and in business, allows me to work directly in all of these areas to find practical solutions to the problems that directly affect the lives of those living, working, and raising families in our area.   

With your help, and my practical, common-sense, hard work approach to finding solutions, along with my proven leadership skills, I will tirelessly work to serve you the people, to make a difference in your life and in the lives of your children, grandchildren, and for generations to come. 

I will stand with you and will not allow my fundamental values to be compromised by outside interests when making decisions for you…YOU deserve better than that and I can say with confidence, that I will be a voice of reason, a voice that will listen, and a voice that will fight for Stronger Agriculture, Stronger Education, and Stronger Business policies, all for a Stronger Idaho.


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