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I’m Monica Zoltanski, running to become your next Sandy City Mayor. I've had the privilege of representing our city as the Council Member for District 4. As the people's voice on the city council, I have taken bold action to challenge entrenched attitudes to ensure residents are protected from the sweeping changes of unbridled growth. I have fought to increase and improve transparency in our government processes so it's easier for people to communicate, understand, and participate in local decision making. I'm especially proud of my efforts last year to protect the pay of our first responders and front line city employees who bore the greatest personal risk in the workplace in the time of the pandemic. When their modest pay increases were threatened, I championed their cause and helped sustain the mayor's historic veto of a very punitive budget. I'm proud to say because of my efforts, our police, fire and essential workers were protected in a time of uncertainty and upheaval. As your representative, I have I brought my skills as an attorney and community organizer to the council, and I can point to several direct and meaningful improvements achieved from my leadership on the council in the last year alone. I'm not afraid to challenge old ways of thinking and have the vision to chart a course for responsible growth and a thriving quality of life, while we work to gather to confront our challenges and invest in building a stronger Sandy. Please help me spread the message of our city's exciting future and win this year's mayor election. Thank you for donating today.

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Thank you for supporting my mayoral campaign. Your contribution will help me spread the message of inclusion that every resident is welcome voice at city hall. Whether you are a lifelong Sandy or someone who has moved in just this year, you have an important say on the direction of our city's future. Your support propels me to do the long, hard work of campaigning. I am so grateful for your donation.